Matthew A. Girard

recording engineer / producer / musician


As one of the more in-demand bassists in the Boston area, Matthew’s current music projects include Ruby Rose Fox, and Golden Bloom as well as notable past projects Neutral Uke Hotel, Parks and The Motion Sick.

He is also working with the acclaimed international A Cappella Group The House Jacks with front of house engineering and production.

Since locating to Boston in the early 2000’s he has worked with a variety of clients as a bassist, multi-instrumentalist or recording engineer including: Will DaileySinnet, The Future Everybody, Naked on RollerskatesKayln RockAloud, The Bold Type, The I Want You, The New Collisions, The Backup Factor, The Luxury, Mercy White, Mad The Martian, amongst others.

Matthew also works out of Mortal Music, a full service recording studio in Charlestown MA, under the  Transference Audio banner (part of the Boston-Area Consortium Black Hat Music Studios). He also frequently collaborates with Bopnique Musique in their studios in Nashua NH and Los Angeles CA with multi-platinum producer Anthony J. Resta.



Mic Pres/DIs/Converters:

(2) API 512c
(2) Lindell 6x-500
(1) Burl B1
(1) Golden Age Pre573
(2) FMR Audio RNP
(2) Groove Tubes BRICK
(1) JoeMeek VC1
(4) Universal Audio Apollo
(1) JHS Colour Box
(1) Countryman Type 85
(1) Whirlwind IMP2
(2) Radial X-Amp
(1) Lucid AD9624 (Advanced Audio modified)
(1) Lucid Genx6-96


(2) UERI 1176 [rev F]
(1) API 2500
(1) Empirical Labs EL8
(1) JoeMeek VC1
(1) dbx 160X
(1) dbx 160XT
(1) FMR Audio RNC


(1) Advanced Audio CM12 (AKG C12 Clone)
(2) Neumann TLM103
(2) Neumann KM184
(1) Audix SCX25
(1) Audio Technica AT4050
(1) Audio Technica AT4041
(1) Octava MK219
(1) Cascade Audio FATHEAD
(1) AKGD112
(1) Audix D3
(1) Sennheiser e609
(1) Sennheiser e602
(1) Audio Technica ATM25
(1) Audio Technica ATM650
(2) Electrovoice 635A/B
(6) Shure SM57
(1) Shure Beta57
(1) Earthworks TC40k
(1) Telefunken M80


Fender 1980’s Squire Jazz Bass [modified]
Fender Mustang Bass Reissue
Fender Roadworn 50s Telecaster [fitted w/ Mastery Bridge]
Fender Jazzmaster [fitted w/ Mastery Bridge]
Gibson SG Bass
Reverend Decision Bass
Eastwood Sidejack Baritone Guitar
Epiphone 57’ Reissue Les Paul Jr. (with Seymour Duncan Antiquity P90)
Yamaha F335 [nashville tuning]
Gretsch Lap Steel
Cordoba Tenor Ukulele
Bach Stradavarius Bb Trumpet
Roland JU-06
Korg Microkorg
Pearl Steve Ferrone Snare
Ludwig Black/Silver Badge [24″ kick, 13″, 14″, 16″ toms]
Yamaha Stage Custom Advance [22″ kick, 10″, 12″, 14″ toms]
Yamaha Stage Custom 6.5″ x 14″ Steel Snare


(2) Adam A5x
(1) KRK Rockit 10 Subwoofer
(2) Sony MDR7506
(2) Sennheiser HD280
(1) Beyerdynamic DT880
(1) Thinksound on1
(1) Shure se425 in-ear monitors


Orange Bass Terror 500
Aguilar Tone Hammer 500
Ampeg Magnavox V4b
Ampeg SVT15e
Fender Pro Jr
B52 ATX100
Fender RocPro
Vox AC4 – top boost


Malekko B:assmaster
JHS Colour Box
JHS Low Drive
Xotic Effects SP Compressor
Peterson Strobostomp
EBS Multicomp
Tech21 Sansamp DI
Electro-Harmonix Pulsar
Electro-Harmonix Rams’ Head Big Muff
Electro-Harmonix Clone Theory
Electro-Harmonix Deluxe Memory Boy
Electro-Harmonix Bass Nano Big Muff
TC Electronic Flashback mini
Line 6 M9 Multieffects
Danelectro FAB Echo JHS Mod
Jim Dunlop Cry Baby
Voodoo Lab Tremolo
Joyo Clean Glass [Fender amp simulator]
Morley Bass Wah
Boss OC-2
Boss TU-2
Mr. Black Bass OD


2001The Gravel PitMass Avenue Freeze OutQ Divisionassistant engineer
2002Lucia Moniz67EMIassistant engineer
2002The MudhensSolo Projectsassistant engineer, digital editing
2003Andrea SurovaRainbowin a Cageadditional recording, digital editing, recording/mixing (6) trumpet(5)
2003Chad LaMarshAnytime Anywhereassistant engineer, digital editing
2003God's Little JokeA Moment of ClarityRevolver Recordsdigital editing, assistant engineer
2003James O'BrienThe Church of the Kitchen SinkDigital Bear Entertainmentadditional engineering
2003Tony RobertsGrains of Youassistant engineer digital editing
2004The Daughters of Saint PaulJoyPauline Mediarecording/mix engineer
2004Starr FaithfulFunny Peculiarengineer, mix (2)
2005MO JoeWelcome to my Faceengineer
2005The Daughters of Saint PaulGod Butterflies, and Miracles vol IPauline Mediarecording/mix engineer
2006The Daughters of Saint PaulGod Butterflies and Miracles vol 2Pauline Mediarecording/mix engineer
2006The Daughters of Saint PaulThe Season of LovePauline Mediarecording/mix engineer
2006Judy DunawayMother of Balloon MusicInnova Recordingsengineer (2,3,4) digital editing
2006The Motion SickHer Brilliant Fifteenadditional engineering, bass guitar
2008Andrea SurovaWelcome to my Thoughtsadditional recording
2008Donna De LorySky is Openadditional engineering
2008The Daughters of Saint PaulCatholic Favorites IPauline Mediarecording/mix engineer
2008The Motion Sickthe truth will catch you just wait...Naked Ear Recordsbass, engineering, digital editing, trumpet, bass, percussion, mix (6,9)
2009The Daughters of Saint PaulCatholic Favorites IIPauline Mediarecording/mix engineer
2009The Daughters of Saint PaulIn ParadisumPauline Mediarecording/mix engineer
2009The LuxuryIn the Wake of What Won't Changetrumpet (7,8)
2009The New CollisionsInvisible Embracesbass, engineer
2010The Motion SickNovelty Songs vol 1bass, guitar, organ, percussion, vocals, engineer/mix/production
2010The Motion SickWinged Bicycle Singleproduction, recording/mix engineer, bass, trumpet, percussion,
2010AloudExileLemon Merchant Recordstrumpet (5,6) euphonium (5), bass (5)
2010The Daughters of Saint PaulStella MarisPauline Mediarecording/mix engineer
2010Maybe The WeldersFour-song Demomix engineer
2010The Motion SickDoomsday Devices/30 Lives 7 inch singleengineer/mix/production bass, guitar, synth, percussion, trumpet, euphonium, horn arrangements
2011The Daughters of Saint PaulAdoramus TePauline Mediarecording/mix engineer
2011Naked on RollerskatesI Lost My Heart in the Battlebass
2011Eksi EksoBrown Shark, Red LionThe Mylene Sheathtrumpet
2011The Future EverybodyIt Takes Nothingbass, guitar, trumpet, euphonium, percussion, backing vocals, tracking engineer, digital editing, producer
2011The InsuranceLittle Explosionsengineer (tracking/mix), digital editing, bass, guitar, backing vocals, percussion, co-producer
2011Zulu TimeZulu Timeengineer (tracking/mix
2011The In OutThe Venal Columnengineer (tracking/mix
2011The Future EverybodyRicochet Singleproduction, bass, backing vocals, recording, mixing
2011John Cate & The van Gogh BrothersThe Fall of Xrecord/mix (12)
2011The Daughters of Saint PaulThere Can Be MiraclesPauline Mediarecording/mix engineer
2011The Daughters of Saint PaulOur Christmas HopePauline Mediarecording/mix engineer


2008Dance Dance Revolution x30 Lives (Up Up Down Down Dance Remixengineer, mixing


2008Cardio for Indie Rockers DVD
2011The LiberatorScreenplay Trailer


2007Boston Cyberarts FestivalCyberwindow, School of the Museum of Fine Arts Boston


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