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Parks – Pledge Music Campaign Kick Off

Posted on 24 Jun 2014 in Promotions, Releases | Comments Off on Parks – Pledge Music Campaign Kick Off

Parks Pledge Banner
Parks is excited to announce our debut album!
pre-order the new album HEREAs you see in our video, with help from Old School Game Show‘s Mike D’Angelo and Videographer extraordinare Avi Paul Weinstein we will be releasing our long-awaited debut album via PledgeMusic and YOU!

Here are some of what you’ll receive as a pledger

  • Instant download of our two singles
  • Incredible perks including bonus tracks, home demos (even potentially embarrassing iPhone demos), studio videos, personalized songs, vinyl (!!!), house shows + dinner, and more!
  • Exclusive insight into the recording/writing process
  • Come visit us in the studio and sing, play, or hang with us for the day!

With every pledge, you support Parks in the releasing our record. Please join us and be a part of something we’re extremely excited to share with you.